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Data Strike Team

Our Data Strike Team is focused on 3 main tasks. 

  • Help in understand the relations between data and the most optimal way to connect them
  • Help in automating processes of extracting, transforming and loading of data
  • Help in building analytics and visualization layer
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Quality & Master Data Management

Quality in data is crucial, as the saying goes - crap in, crap out. For us in Data Craze, explaining and helping to built best in class Data Quality Processes along with solid Master Data Management  is priority. Having that in place saves a ton of time in your daily data routines.

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Analytics & Visualization Layer

Once you have data in place properly prepared. You can dive deep into insights and business decisions. In Data Craze we are helping with selecting the most accurate analytics & visualization technology for your needs. Once that is set let us guide you to get the most out of it, based on our experience in multiple business areas.

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"Real-Time" Processing

World is changing faster than we think. Having most accurate data, exactly when you need them is a key factor, that can make a difference between You and Your competition.

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