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"Real - Time" Processing


World pace if extremely fast. Traditional batch processing in some cases is not enough anymore. In order to help you have right data at the "just in time" moment we have designed our "real-time" processing service. 


First of all let's start from assessing what you are already leveraging in your daily work. Adding another layer just for fun and profit, is not our goal. There might a possibility to improve current solution, as a result processing performance may increase, and a question may arise "if this performance / timming is enought for us"? If not let's start discussing the needs, what is need, how often, how many, who will be using this what are the benefits. 

Above questions are base to build near real-time processing layer for your company. As each and every company differs further steps will be different but above is solid for each case.


What we are offering with our "real-time" processing service is:

  • Initial assessment of needs
  • Needs definition
  • Architecture setup for "real-time" processing layer
  • On-site training for your team
  • Helping in integrating this layer with existing setup

and many more, specific to you business.

If you want to know more, feel free to reach out to Us using Contact Form or contact details available on the bottom.

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