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📈 Why

Data Strike Team was created to help you tackle your data edge cases quickly and in the best possible manner. In order for You to save time and effort and focus on the outcomes. 

📈 How

Depending on the situation, as each case is different, however some steps will be the same in each scenario. These steps are:

  1. Situation Assesment - getting to the root cause of the case and determining if the Team is truely needed;
  2. Field Recon - this step will help in deceding what has lead to current situation, what steps were already taken to sort it and from where to start the building phase;
  3. Implementation - this is obvious, but will be completly different for each scenario;
  4. Retrospective - after completion of the work, team will gather steps that were done, how they were done, and what to do next. This is the time for us to assess what was right, what was wrong, what was achieved and what else could be potentially done;
  5. Shadowing / Guardian Angel - after completion of a task, we are not going to vanish in the mist. Both you and your team, will be supported by one of our Guardian Angels in order to help in case of any questions or concerns;
  6. Blast From The Past - even after some time since the completion of a case, we will reach out to you, just to ask if everything works as expected.

📈 What

Now you may wonder, when  to call Data Strike Team and with what it can help:

  • Help in understand the relations between data and the most optimal way to connect them
  • Help in automating processes of extracting, transforming and loading of data
  • Help in building analytics and visualization layer 
  • On-site consulting of existing projects / technology structures
  • Solution Auditing

and many more, specific to you business.

If you want to know more, feel free to reach out to Us using Contact Form or contact details available on the bottom.

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